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Hello, VGEvo members and guests. Welcome to the VGEvo Archive -- a repository of video game articles, forums, podcasts and information from the VGEvo website. VGEvo started out as a gathering place for like-minded people whose hobby was video games. This was a place that offered respectful opinions on gaming without the trolling and nonsense that usually took place on other websites. VGEvo offered forums, a shoutbox, podcast network, and later on a spot for console game high scores and streaming videos (streaming videos have since been disabled).

As time went on, newer and more popular general gathering spots such as Facebook and Twitter took over the gaming conversations, and meeting places such as VGEvo started getting less and less traffic. After years of conversations, game nights, live meetups, etc. the VGEvo forums are seldom visited. We completely understand that life goes on, but we want to keep the doors open at to any member or guest that wishes to visit, look up...
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Touted by Glenn Percival (Torgo) weeks ago, and brought up again by Sam Jividen (SinfoniaSam) today, the Warhawk (PS3) servers are shutting down tonight -- ironically on a Wednesday. Warhawk Wednesdays were a staple of the VGEvo online community since 2007 when the game launched.

So, the call goes out to any remaining VGEvo members and alumni that want to play the game for the final time before the servers get shut down forever.

The final meetup time is said to be 9pm eastern, 8pm central time.

If you have the Discord app on your phone (I highly recommend it), the meetup link is here:

Spread the word, and let's say goodbye to an old friend (game) in style!
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Valkyria Chronicles Remastered
PlayStation 4
Release Date: May 17, 2016
Price: $29.99 (Physical & Digital)
Genre: Strategy RPG
Publisher/Developer: SEGA
Also Available On: PS3, PC (non-remastered version)

If you’ve played Valkyria Chronicles on either the PS3 or PC, there isn’t anything new or groundbreaking in this current-gen remaster. It’s still the same unique and beautiful game that it has always been. Upon booting it up, I was immediately sucked back into the engrossing characters that make up the alternate reality World War II setting that the game takes place in. Never have I played a game that places so much care and attention on the lore of a fictional world as it does the tightness of the gameplay formula that it slowly rolls out to you over the first few chapters of the game.
by SinfoniaSam at 8:51 AM
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The Midwest Gaming Classic 2016 Show
Location:Sheraton Milwaukee Brookfield Hotel
375 South Moorland Road
Brookfield, WI 53005
Start Date: Apr 9, 2016 10:00 AM
End Date: Apr 10, 2016 05:00 PM
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Hey folks, now that Street Fighter V is out and we'll all be wanting to hammer as much time into earning fight money as possible, I thought it prudent to make a topic so we can all find each other. Lobbies still aren't properly implemented and won't be until next month, but if you guys want to share your SFV Fighter IDs so we can all add each other for future matches and meetups/gamer nights this is the place to do it. It makes it all the better knowing the game is platform agnostic, meaning PC and PS4 players can fight each other too!
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Have you ever known a person that you’d definitely call a friend, but you’ve never even met in person? I realize in this day and age of social media, “friends” are categorized as people you come in contact with that share some of your interests and every so often hit a “like” button, or make a comment on your Facebook page. But to me, there was more to this man I’d never met. His name was Josh Jones, and I’d always planned to someday meet him in person. Yet, I learned that he just recently passed away at the age of 34 from complications due to a torn aorta valve.
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In this video I call out my favorite multiplatform releases of the first half of 2015. Some may say its been a rather "familiar" year with so many re-releases, but I've found quite a few of them to be well worth visiting again and I've really enjoyed how the ones called out in this video are the best versions we've seen by a noticeable margin. Have a watch and feel free to drop a comment!

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Here's the problem with online games—competition without fun. Hey folks, I woke up this morning and this topic popped into my head so here I am writing about it. First of all I'd like to clarify the first sentence - competition can indeed be fun, and indeed I feel the soul of online games IS competition - but I also feel that the spirit of competition is a passion for the contest. Bringing the two or more players together in respectful and overall fun experience.
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The Midwest Gaming Classic returns to the Sheraton Milwaukee Brookfield hotel in Brookfield, Wisconsin on Saturday, April 11th and Sunday, April 12th! Join us in the Retroids Room for a ton of gaming goodness! Retroids and founders (Ken, Trickman Terry and Paul) will be running video game consoles at their tables with plenty of goodies for the masses to enjoy.
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I can barely remember a time when anticipating a game's release and then snapping it up on day one hasn't played a part in my enjoyment of games. I know I'm not the only one. We read previews, scramble to catch leaked footage, and sometimes we go so far as to put money down ahead of time. All this is because we love our games and want to celebrate their arrival, but lately it seems the incentive for doing so is becoming less and less rewarding.