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    1. Nijhazer
      Hey there, Odo. Thanks for dropping me a line! Glad you enjoyed the show; there should be more of it over the next few weeks.

      Regarding the BG forums on VGEvo: Terry and Ken, the dynamic duo that runs this place, were very kind to keep those forums going as long as they did considering how continually dead they were even during the show's heyday. Re-opening them now would be a lot of work for very little, if any, gain.

      Take care-- good to hear from you!

    2. Odo Lives!
      Odo Lives!
      Hi MC! Great to see a BG episode again! BG was my fav podcast and I really thought it was over after the bummer at the end of the 2008 Christmas special when you said you were going to sell your recording equipment. Glad you didn't!

      The Christmas Special was great and I can't wait for the next parts.
      In terms of "Marketing" as you mentioned on your twitter... why don't you just open up the forum for BG here on VGEvo again??? A post on that forum would probably bring it up to the top and get attention for sure!

      Anyway, thanks again for the new ep! I think you are the first to even mention that next year is a new decade!! And congrats on getting engaged!

      Hope to hear more from you and Boric online!
      Mike / Odo
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