#129.9754321 - Diseased Cows and Catapults

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    I prefer a plagued geese trebuchet, but that’s just French Heritage. It’s our first podcast as the new rulers of this website and it’s a good one! Oh, sorry for the audio quality, the cows damaged the equipment pretty bad.

    Our Intro and Outro music is by Ben Landis off his album Adventures in Pixels – “Credits Music for an 8 Bit RPG” (Twitter @thebenlandis)

    Our interlude track was “The Legend of Zelda Overworld Theme” by GMZ Terrible Nose Orchestra. Be sure to let them know of your appreciation! (Twitter : @GMZJournalism)

    Show Notes

    14:16 – Listener email discussion question “I was just wondering what it would be like if the three of you took over all of the responsibilities at 1 More Castle?”
    20:25 – “The Legend of Zelda Overworld Theme” by GMZ Terrible Nose Orchestra
    21:57 – Retro Showdown!
    24:04 – Alex’s pick “Slam City with Scottie Pippen” (Sega CD 32X)
    25:09 – Jonathan’s pick “Tomba!” (PS1)
    26:24 – Chris’s pick “Space Harrier” (Arcade)
    27:19 – It’s about to get crazy up in here with the craziest games imaginable brought to you by our new leaders of 1 More Castle. All hail!
    59:02 – Now the rules are the same, but with more freedom!! Vote for your favorite in the showdown poll below, leave comments thanking our new leaders for all of their hard work, and believe me, you do not want to be on their bad sides…

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