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    'Sup folks? I have a group of friends that are in a band together called Blitskald - their music is kinda electronic/synth/chiptune-esque with vocals. They just released their first EP - "Unfurl"

    A Map to Make Me Laugh and Solitude's songs lyrics are heavily inspired by Duncan's (lead singer) obsession with Skyrim - so any fans of the Elder Scrolls games are sure to like the wordplay involved here!

    Also, Magnus is about the Autobot Transformer, Ultra Magnus!

    All 4 tracks are available on YouTube right now on their channel - I (and I'm sure the band, themselves) would very much appreciate you checking out their music, and hey if you do end up enjoying it why not throw them a few bucks for their hard work and grab the EP on their Bandcamp page as well? The best part? They've set it up as pay what you want!

    Cheers guys, and I hope you like it!

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