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    Joculator January!

    Hello friends! It's a brand new year and a brand new Talky podcast form us DownToForit X! This month RayG goes cyberpunk, is afraid (so very afraid) and walks of some machine gun fire, while Prime flys around a bit, delivers some tacos and FIGHTS A GIANT STOP MOTION GORILLA! So, same old same old then.



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    Show notes

    My Life as a Character in a Point and Click Adventure - Thomas McMullan
    Tacopocalypse - Cherry Pie games blog - PR stuff / musician collaboration
    20 hours of Squiggle Puzzles - DownToForit X QTE 7

    Tell us what you think!
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    ~RayG 'n' Prime - DownToForit X
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    Mirror's Edge is almost post-cyberpunk: the system so hardened, that is easier to go all meat-bag on it and solve issues "physically". Cyberpunk is about being the ghost in the machine, Mirror's Edge about crawling around inside the walls of a dystopian society.
  4. RayG

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    Haha, I like Mirror's Edge alot! There's a lot of interesting things going on in the game that could totally be explored more. I wonder, for example, about the people you act as a courier for. Like, what are they actually doing? Or what life is like for the unseen, oppressed, people in the game. We know it was bad enough for there to have been riots, but we never get to see much of anything ourselves. Though, like I said in the podcast; once the cops are machine gunning folk, you know there are problems! I hope they'll go in to more detail about the dystopia part of the world in the sequel.

    Anyway, just talking more about Mirror's Edge makes me feel like playing it again!

  5. ChryZ

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    Yeah, they really gimped the story and overall universe. Those horrible flash-like cut scenes were such a contrast to the rest of the game. It's clear that EA wasn't fully committed to the project.

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