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    Hello, friends! It's Necromancer November!
    Welcome Friends! This month Prime plays obscure indie game Fallout 4 and artsy euro thing 'The Witcher 3', while RayG desperately tries to distract everybody form the fact he's played nowt with random tangents! Also listen to DownToForit X 10!



    Direct Link .mp3


    DownToForit X 10 gogogo -


    Sixty Symbols Einstein

    Classic Game Room reviews BOOKWORM ADVENTURES VOLUME 2:

    Shut Up and Sit Down - Review of Sherlock Holmes consulting detective

    Lee Marvin!

    Prime has failed you in regards to the Fallout 4 bug he recorded... he forgot about it and deleted his recorded footage/images on his PS4 to save space... he's eternally sorry for this outrageous action.

    Life of Pee: The Story of How Urine Got Everywhere

    Professor Brian Cox - by Weebl -

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    ~RayG 'n' Prime - DownToForit X
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