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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Prime, Oct 13, 2014.

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    Yo guys! One thing I wanted to do when I started playing Destiny was a kind of tribute to an old World of Warcraft guild me and some friends made called The Breakdown Militia. The militia's goal was a simple one: "in victory or in defeat, DANCE!"

    Seeing as you can dance in Destiny I thought it would be fun to make a group and clan based on something I loved WoW for.

    The Group is live, so if you want to join the clan, (PSN only I'm afraid) simply log in over at and search for The Breakdown Militia in the groups tab! If someone feels the urge to also make a Breakdown Militia for the XBox One players, you have my blessing in that endeavor!

    We're not looking for dedicated players who feel the need to be on all the time. Simply join us in dance whether you're triumphant or not! Oh and you have to also imagine the Degenertaion X theme while doing so!

    Thanks guys and hey even if you don't want to join the clan, hit the right direction on your d-pads when you beat bosses anyway!

    Break it Down!™


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