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    Hey folks, I edited together a fun review of the new DOOM's single player campaign, as a Computer Beeps style QTE episode! It's a bit less on the nose than my written review is, but I hope you enjoy it!

    I also wrote out a fairly short, to the point review of DOOM's single player campaign. I felt it was too "serious" to do it as a video, but for those who are interested in just the facts and my thoughts on them, here you are:

    When you first start Doom, you immediately sense the game's locomotion. The speed at which doomguy moves. I played the multiplayer closed beta and there's a video of that on our YouTube channel, but the thing I commented mostly on was how it felt like I was playing Quake 3 Arena again and I REALLY enjoyed it. Doom went from being a "hmm, maybe, when it's cheap" to a day 1 purchase for me. I had never played the 90's Doom titles before, so there was no purist in me to compare the game to the original. What I did have was Quake 3, and it felt good to feel that way again.

    The gameplay is definitely classic 90's shooter though - circle strafing and jumping around, avoiding projectiles. It has that FEEL, and I think that's the biggest draw of the game. If you played Doom or Quake, you know - those distinctly id style games, I think you'll enjoy this because this is a return to form... Maybe not necessarily in the game's art style, I know there's quite a few people out there who commented on the color scheme and whatnot, but in terms of its gameplay, in terms of tone the devs nailed it. Metal music blares out at you when wave after wave of demon spawns in these vast arenas. The game's maps as well are suitably maze-like and are intelligently and creatively designed. You'll be hunting for blue and yellow cardkeys, secrets and full health and armor boosts.

    DOOM encourages you to keep on your toes - to keep moving during combat. Even on the medium difficulty "Hurt Me Plenty" I had my fair share of deaths, mostly due to points where I'd stand still trying to shoot a huge demon, only to be ambushed by the little imps and foot soldiers. There are even portals and jump pads in the later levels as well as power-ups like Haste and Quad Damage littered around the areas with big waves of demons. Not only does the game encourage movement but it also rewards skillful combat. The better you do in the levels the more points you're awarded to upgrade your weapons. These points are also given when you finding secrets. So the game rewards exploration of the vast, maze-like levels as well!

    And talking about upgrades, wow... this game has methods to keep you interested over and above the already fun gameplay. Weapons can be modded, your marine armor can be enhanced, you can unlock perks and there's also passive abilities to be earned through challenges - Which can also be upgraded. DOOM is utterly choc-a-block with content. The single player is BEEFY for an FPS. I had assumed it'd be another case of slapping on a small 4-6 hour single player campaign and focus on multiplayer, but no! On the normal difficulty it took me around 12 hours to finish and there are three more difficulty levels above that, two of which need to be unlocked!

    I think my favorite part of DOOM though is how even THIS guy doesn't care about the story. he just smashes stuff up until it's either broken or dead. He never speaks, but his indignation is clear. Simple bits of body language like clenching his fist as he smashes a monitor, cracking his knuckles and destroying technology which is causing this demonic outbreak when others would have him keep it working. He doesn't care for petty motives, all he has is a burning thirst to see these hellspawn all utterly annihilated. And he won't stop until it's quenched.

    DOOM is fantastic, it treats the player intelligently with its intricate level design, but also gleefully revels in the chaos it manages to accomplish in the wider arenas. The music is fun, and even responds to what you do during combat with some really nice bridges and fills. You could snap the jaw from an enemy and the music does this cool thing where it'll blend that part of whatever combat track it's playing with quick little guitar riff or fill. It's really well put together, just a quality product.

    If you were on the fence for the game, or seen the steam reviews for the open beta don't... just don't worry about that - the game won't disappoint you, assuming you're into old school classic 90's shooters. Seriously, people were mostly complaining that the game feels like Call of Duty and Halo... Why? Because the main guy is in a green suit of armor? DOOM came first guys, not Halo. And it has about as much in common with Call of Duty as Mirror's edge does. It's in first person... That's where the comparison begins and ends.
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