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    Welcome back friends, let's have another Talky Podcast! On this show Prime crawls slowly away from a Alien, does some chores and falls out of an arena, while RayG makes terrible, terrible, decisions and tries to destroy The One Ring The Ice Crown in Middle Earth, the Land of Midnight! Also, there might be a cat and absolutely NO disasters happen.

    Show notes

    History Written By The Losers - Kieron Gillen

    "I totally remember Kieron Gillen from old 90's games magazines I read as a kid!" - Prime

    00:00 - Welcome/Intro
    02:10 - RayG's First game: Shadowrun Dragonfall
    24:02 - Prime's First game: Alien Isolation
    (including Duskers/Dead by Daylight side-chatter)
    43:15 - RayG's Second game: Lords of Midnight (The best Lord of the Rings game ever made!)
    55:50 - Prime's other gaming mentions
    1:01:38 - Housekeeping/outro!

    Here's the links to the episode!



    Direct Link .mp3

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    ~RayG 'n' Prime - DownToForit X
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    After we recorded this podcast I watched that talk again twice, back to back. It's really good, like.
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