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    Welcome back friends, time for another Talky Podcast! After the good stuff, you know: tea, noisy rocks, carrots and secret potatoes, Prime talks all things stylish and Persona, goes Vita mad with a bunch of small games, and then there's something about a YOSHI ARM CONSPIRACY! Meanwhile, RayG has no memory of Resident Evil 4, and plays Dark Souls very, very slowly, but for how long!?!
    "Probably the best talkey podcast episode we've done." ~Prime

    00:00 - Welcome/Intro conversation: Tea, Vegetables and Rock Tumbling (massive cakes)
    18:48 - Prime's First game: Persona 4 Golden with P3 FES/P5 trailer talk
    33:09 - RayG's First game: Resident Evil 4 "HD"
    49:02 - Prime's quickfire games; Frobisher Says, Smart As... Everybody's Golf, Mario Golf World Tour (John Cleese vs Stephen Fry - and alien noises!)

    1:09:25 - RayG's Second game: Dark Souls (Yes, the first one)
    1:42:30 - Housekeeping/outro!

    Here's the links to the episode!



    Direct Link .mp3

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    ~RayG 'n' Prime - DownToForit X
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    Lady Grey! RayG knows what's up. My personal office tea wall for reference:


    (team "no sugar and/or milk")
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  3. ChryZ

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    RE4 HD, AFAIR Capcom used the Wii release as base and simply upped the internal rendering res from 480p to 1080p and never touched the textures. Their "HD texture" thing is only a better texture filtering option, e.g. going from bilinear to bicubic interpolation. It's a joke and just a snake-oil value add to justify their "HD" tag. The fan mod wasn't ready when I first mentioned it to Prime, even your old GPU would have been fine running it. Nicer textures usually don't add much load to the GPU as long as you have enough VRAM.
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    I'd totally suggest to try PCSX2 (PS2 emu). The emulator used to be very CPU heavy, before its 1.0 release. They optimized things a lot and the current stable is 1.4, the CPU load is now less than 15% on my system. GPU load will only increase when the internal resolution is cranked way up. You can even go all software rendering, close to zero GPU usage, completely without DirectX rendering, then the games just look like PS2 games 1:1. Anyway, 2x internal resolution should always be okay ... it's only going from 640x480 to 1280x960, nothing crazy by today's standards.
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  5. RayG

    RayG Who's my next challenger?

    Haha, now that's a fine collection of tea!

    So yeah, RE4: I was wondering why I couldn't see any difference when playing with the settings, and now I know why:p Personally though it doesn't bother me, after all I would have played the PS2 version happily if I hadn't loaned it, but it's certainly misleading! Anyway, I'm away to download that ps2 emulator, wish me luck!
  6. ChryZ

    ChryZ Chaos Engineer

    Let me know if you need any help (like with a bios, settings, etc). I'm a PCSX2 veteran.

    EDIT: disclaimer, before anyone gets silly, this isn't piracy as long as you own the games and hardware, it's mere content shifting
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