DownToForit X - Septacular September 2: All Will Be Gold

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    Septacular September 2

    Hello! It's Septacular September 2'all will be gold'! (except Prime's audio quality) On this months talky podcast RayG made a cartoon, goes to the land of the dead, probably goes to the moon and definitely goes on a tangent about Heman, as you do. Meanwhile, Prime attaches balloons to folk for 70 hours, collects dog food in the desert and plays with Destiny before the great old one Cthulhu drives him mad.

    Wanna listen? You can! Right here on...

    Tell us what you think!
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    ~RayG 'n' Prime DownToForit X


    DownToForit X 7 - Tokyo Game Show

    play BUBSY 3D! No really, play BUBSY 3D

    Fallout 4 will have more lines of dialogue than Fallout 3 and Skyrim combined

    Again, REALLY sorry for the audio quality this time folks, haven't got a clue what happened. I'll make sure the next episode we won't have the same problem.

    ~@StupidlyEpic RayG and Prime
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