Episode 42: Kill The Singer

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    A good friend joins Joel and Shane this week and together they build a wall of guitars.

    Ice Breaker (0:01:25)

    Music (0:06:10)

    Vince Clore, special guest, talks about Psychomania, The Gleasons and his new gig in the music industry.

    New Releases- Jack White (Lazaretto), The Delphines (Hush), Rival Sons (Great Western Valkyrie), Bob Mould (Beauty & Ruin)

    News- Paul McCartney's birthday party not on tour, Casey Casem passes away, The Gaslight Anthem's new record Get Hurt out this August

    Listening To- Prong (Ruining Lives), The Hold Steady (Teeth Dreams), Sevendust (Time Travelers & Bonfires), Lagwagon (Hoss), Screeching Weasel, Riverdales, Parquet Courts (Sunbathing Animal), Amazon music service, YouTube, Sylvan Esso (Sylvan Esso)

    All music played with permission
    Video Games (1:12:40)

    Now Playing- Battlefield 4 Vs. Gamer Chatter follow up and shout outs, MLB 14: The Show (PS4), Tomb Raider (PS3), Grand Theft Auto V (PS3), Mario Kart 8, Wii U data transfer, Peggle 2 (XBOX One), Lego Marvel Super Heroes (XBOX One), Dead Rising 3 (XBOX One)

    Topics- E3 impressions

    Direct Download // Website // Podcast // Twitter: ABOG, Joel, Shane, Vince
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    Listening to as we speak.
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