Gamer Chatter Joins the Retroids Podcast Network

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    Please join us in welcoming the guys at Gamer Chatter to the Retroids Podcast Network (RPN)! They produce a weekly show called the Chatter Cast in which they love talking about all aspects of their gaming hobby.


    The podcast's host, Edward Pol along with Tim Miller and William Mackellar, talk about gaming and focus on gaming culture and habits. While the discussions sometimes go off kilter, the gang always brings it back and they have a good time doing so. With 66 episodes under their belt, Gamer Chatter also hosts community game nights, gaming leagues, and great gaming related discussions. They are gamers who want to be a community that focuses on playing together. Their biggest strength is that they focus on the community aspect and even invite listeners to be on the show once in a while. The Gamer Chatter website can be found at

    You'll now be able to find their show under the Recent Shows sidebar on the front page of Retroids where you can instantly listen to their latest episodes. Any discussions or shownotes they may want to share with the Retroids community may also be found on the Gamer Chatter RPN space on our forums.
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by Trickman, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. Fivespot
    Great addition to the network! Welcome aboard Gamer Chatter. Look forward to your many community gaming nights and of course the podcast episodes.
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  2. thesau31
    Welcome aboard, look forward to testing out a new show!
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  3. Plankfan
    Welcome to the network!
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  4. Yeahbeer
    Thanks guys! So happy to be here!
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  5. AlFighter27
    Awesome! I'll have to tune in!
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  6. TimDog350
    Thanks for the warm welcome...putting up our first show hope you enjoy...
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