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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Randum, Aug 26, 2015.

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    The Gears of War Ultimate Edition aka the remake of the original is now out and available for the lower price of $40. And to top it off, you get all previous GOW titles if you play before December via the Xbox 360 Games on Demand.

    So with that little intro, I have played plenty of remakes before, Zone of the Enders, and Devil May Cry rings a bell. They simply uprez'ed the textures, gave us a smooth framerate, and thats it. remake done!

    Well, apparently this is not the case with Gears of War. This game is clearly redone from what appears to be the ground up. I understand they even used new motion capture!

    So first impressions of a full night of playing, it looks the best of any Gears title to date, and that is saying a lot considering this is one of the few games that does hold up despite the original releasing...well..almost a decade ago!

    The core mechanics are the same, and control scheme remains the same so you still get the original feel, but the visual overhaul is a great touch. The multiplayer includes a variety of maps, and may be one of my personal favorite online console shooters.

    Also, I noticed you can unlock parts of comic books with Cog tags, which is pretty neat, and gives you some great background.

    Also, not sure if this was as true with the original (I am downloading it again on my 360 to compare later this week) - but the positional audio is spot on. Just really, really good sound in this game.

    Anyhow, anyone playing this? Or thinking about picking it up? I think it is well worth the $40, considering I have not played through the original in a long time. It actually feels new again, and quite honestly, they could have really sold this as an Xbox One release title, and I think it would do pretty well. (Considering the MCC was a giant steaming turd of a release...)
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    Yeah they really shit all over it, I saw that review, I definitely do not share the same views on this. It sounds more like they just don't like the style of GOW - because to not recognize the visual overhaul is kind of surprising...I'm actually going to maybe comment on this one, but one look at the comparison videos and you will quickly see it is not simply a facelift.

    I found Polygon has a good little play through video, and they highlight a lot of the positives and negatives of this remake and of the game in general. I'm not saying its a perfect game at all, you do have to enjoy playing a 3rd person shooter, but it is a great overhaul and I have to disagree with Giantbomb on this one...

    Comparison video to help illustrate my point this is not just a "half baked facelift"
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    I think it looks really good, but it's just too close to MGSV to steal my gaming budget at the moment. If however Gears 2 and 3 were downloadable and playable right now backwards compatible I'd buy this second.

    I feel though like Gerstmann is probably right, the latter Gears just added such awesome stuff that I think gameplay wise and level wise it would be somewhat of a disappointment to me. I'm sure co-op would still be a lot of fun though.
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    Does this allow 4 player co-op online?
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    Don't know about 4 player co-op actually...I just know it was only 2 originally.

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