InDis - Ep 312 - The Touch

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    InDis - Ep 312 - The Touch
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    Regular crew this week.

    In Distractions this week we talk more Assassin’s Creed, more KI, more Hearthstone, more Tearaway… more of everything

    News is full of goodness starting out with Playstation Now.

    After the break, we do our individual Games of the year.

    We end it shortly after that since it was a pretty lengthy discussion, but next week, we’re doing InDis GotY 2013… Should be a blast.

    In the mean time, enjoy episode 312!

    000:00 – Introductions and Announcements
    008:58 – Jason’s Distractions
    013:14 – Geoff’s Distractions
    017:17 – Chris’ Distractions
    022:06 – News
    041:35 – Intermission
    044:44 – Individual Game of the Year
    140:58 – Next Week

    QotW: Comments on our GotY candidates.

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