InDis - Ep 331 - Change is necessary

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    InDis - Ep 331 - Change is necessary
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    Normal Crew this week

    This episode is more of a test run for our Sunday night recording change.

    Distractions leads us off. Jason dabbled in a few things during his move, Geoff picked up Ultra and Chris beat a couple of games.

    We pretty much skip the rest of the show and end up at emails. We talk a bit about what may happen next week and that is episode 331!

    000:00 – Introductions and Announcements
    016:48 – Jason’s Distractions
    020:35 – Geoff’s Distractions
    025:41 – Chris’ Distractions
    033:01 – Emails
    049:23 – Next Week

    The Destiny beta will probably take up much of our time next week. Feel free to join in the conversation!

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  2. Trickman

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    Sweet! Looking forward to listening.

    And...Destiny Beta FTW! ;)

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