InDis - Ep 342 - No Game's Sky

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    InDis - Ep 342 - No Game's Sky
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    TGC is back again this week.

    We talk mostly things we’ve talked about in the past. We touch on the Destiny expansion a bit as well.

    After the break, news is all about the game awards and Playstation Experience. As well as a healthy chunk of No Man’s Sky talk.

    No releases are next… No-thing special releases. We have a few InDisQuestions to touch on, then we fill you in on the QotW again before we wrap things up.

    And that… is 342. Hope you like it.

    000:00 – Introductions and Announcements
    013:36 – Geoff’s Distractions
    018:47 – Trav’s Distractions
    024:30 – Chris’ Distractions
    035:57 – Intermission
    040:19 – News
    100:30 – New Releases
    102:23 – Next Time

    QotW: Why do some of us complain about DLC but eat up special editions?!

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