Irrational Passions Ep. 182

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    • A short and solemn show with a more low-key style in our post E3 daze. Just Alex, Scott, and Nabeshin here.
    • We kick things off with some video games. Don’t forget to check out our E3 content on our Twitch Channel and our Youtube channel!
    • Video games: some more Tomodachi Life stories, Scott goes on about Bravely Default fo’eva, and Alex played the Destiny Alpha. We’re all tired, I’m sorry.
    • We talk about some news: Pac-Man, Nordic THQ Games, and some other stuff that slipped through the E3 cracks.
    • We have some emails! …and that is that!
    • Thanks for listening, sorry for the subdued/late show, it’s been a hectic week!
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