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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Fivespot, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. Fivespot

    Fivespot ABOG Podcast

    We've had a group of guys playing Killzone 3 each Sunday for well over a year now. Religiously. Personally I've missed the last bunch but every time I've been there to join the A Band of Gamers crew it's been a blast.

    Playing as a team we've favored Operations mode. Allowed us to squad up to 8 and when we've had more than that, we'd squad against each other. I recall a famous match last year ABOG vs. Retroids Zeroes during Extra Life. Tons of fun even though Trickman kept killing me with his Move controller set-up. Ha!

    This week we get the chance to play a NEW Killzone together. Of course I'm talking about Killzone Shadow Fall which is out now (for most) and playable once the PlayStation 4 becomes available this Friday 11/15.

    So now's a good time to join! The regular crew will continue on playing KZ3 (until they get their PS4's) while a portion of us will splinter over to the new/shiny. Drop your interest, PSN name, and which game (KZ3 or KZ SF) in this thread if you'd like to join in this or any future Sunday night. We start at 8pm CST.

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  2. thesau31

    thesau31 Podcast Network Member

    Can't promise to make it every week, but I'd like to try. thesau31
  3. FL1P42

    FL1P42 Lurker

    I should be there. Can't wait. PSN - FanboyT4L
  4. CrashBomber

    CrashBomber Amplified Gamers Co-host

    I think I was the 2nd person to join the orignal Retroids KZ2 clan. I miss that game. I grabbed KZ4, so this will be fun.

    (PSN: CrashBomber)
  5. Im not going to be getting it day one but I will join when I do. -Xiong_Warriorzz
  6. mikestrife

    mikestrife Bronze - Well-known

    I'd definitely be in. Already picked up the game, and getting the PS4 on Friday. PSN: mikestrife
  7. Fivespot

    Fivespot ABOG Podcast

    Follow @ABandofGamers on Twitter as we'll use that for the quick updates/info on game night in an effort to help coordinate. Will obviously also check here when setting up match(es). Looking forward to it!
  8. Trickman

    Trickman Co-Founder of this glorious place Staff Member

    Sunday should be good! That'll give everyone a chance to get used to their PS4s for a couple of days (assuming they get it at launch) before getting into KZ4. Also, it's a level playing field at least for day one. ;)
  9. saskbob

    saskbob Gold Member

    Let's party like it's nineteen nine.... 2009
  10. Trickman

    Trickman Co-Founder of this glorious place Staff Member

    Boom! Got Killzone (PS4) w/ the B2G1 deal at Target. Now to get the system! :woo:
  11. Trickman

    Trickman Co-Founder of this glorious place Staff Member

    System get!

    This is in my signature, but anyway... PSN: Trickman

    Sunday! :woo:
  12. teran36

    teran36 Bronze - Well-known

    I can play on some sundays and I just got shadowfall-
    PSN- teran36
  13. Rman5k

    Rman5k Bronze Member

    I'm in! Looking forward to trying the new multiplayer and having all new maps
  14. Fivespot

    Fivespot ABOG Podcast

  15. ChryZ

    ChryZ Chaos Engineer

    Got my PS4 and Shadow Fall yesterday, I'll jump in if you guys don't play too late at night for me.
  16. Trickman

    Trickman Co-Founder of this glorious place Staff Member

    It was hard to wait in a queue for an open spot in the game (and frankly, I gave up the first time). But I got back in later and played a session with everyone. It was fun even though everyone was done by that point.

    I hope to be on for the next one. Looks like this could be a good multiplayer standard for Retroids.
  17. Fivespot

    Fivespot ABOG Podcast

    We prob need to work on creating our own games and locking out the randoms. Was filled up with a few non-members there for a while preventing people from joining. Not our intention for sure and we had some growing pains on the first night. Glad we got to play with you there for a few minutes at the end Terry but disappointed couldn't get you in sooner.
  18. Trickman

    Trickman Co-Founder of this glorious place Staff Member

    First night learning curve. At least people got to play, and chat at the same time without having to use a third party program (Skype, etc.) I'm sure it'll get more seamless as time goes by.
  19. thesau31

    thesau31 Podcast Network Member

    Is this happening again tonight?
  20. Fivespot

    Fivespot ABOG Podcast

    Should be. Sorry but I missed tonight so was a bad host and didn't coordinate. Assuming a crew still got togther.?

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