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    ABOG Podcast is pleased to present MGC Music; a local music showcase featuring some of the best bands in the Milwaukee area. This gig will be at Midwest Gaming Classic and will provide entertainment in the vendor hall.


    Official announcement

    Music will start at 11:30AM and will feature seven bands including my own (Waxing Gibbous). Here is a full run down of all the acts performing at MGC Music. The specific set times will be announced prior to MGC and included in their interactive guide.

    Awkward Terrible
    Formed in the super-heated heart of a secret volcano fortress. Christoph tickles the guitar strings and manipulates the secret inner workings of a possessed Nintendo Gameboy from 1989. Sam thrashes at the drum set with dangerous rhythm and together they create supernatural, death-defying, 8bit punk for you and only you.

    The Atomic Spins
    Forged at the hands of the Judge of Heaven and formed on the anvil of Clionadh, an aural creature emerges, packed with the passion of the Mississippi Delta and the power of Rock N Roll. Explosive guitars, valiant bass grooves and eclectic percussive beats conspire to create… The Atomic Spins.

    Beaker is a 3-piece rock and roll group devoted to the high energy bar punk tradition of Bad Religion, Devo, The Ramones, and the Dead Kennedys. This righteous band cooks up a fast-paced, danceable music gumbo sure to get your sonic taste buds tingling.

    Evacuate the Earth
    Chosen by mysterious entities as emissaries with a dire message for a world on the brink, Evacuate the Earth formed in 2011 to provide a wordless plea to save humanity. Saxaphones and thereims cry above thundering rhythms, gentle pleas and violent warnings. Only one way out. Evacuate the Earth. Destruction is imminent.

    Mechanical Life Vein
    Classic video game music performed in real time. Video game jazz.

    Sugar Stems
    Milwaukee outfit Sugar Stems mix bubblegum and power pop in their indie rock stylings. Influenced by the Go-Go’s, Elastica, and the Pretenders, as well as ‘60s girl groups.

    Waxing Gibbous
    Percolated in coffee houses by the rhythm of djembe hand drums, Waxing Gibbous followed the moonlight out of a drum circle and into amplifiers. Acoustic guitar plucked and pounded backboned by a drum kit with latin flair pulled from the souls that have weathered this plane.

    A few of the bands appearing at MGC Music were played on ABOG Podcast previously. Listen to the show to hear great music from bands such as these and for music and gaming conversation.
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Discussion in 'ABOG Podcast' started by Fivespot, Feb 18, 2015.

  1. thesau31
    Very cool that you're putting this together. I'm excited to swing by and listen. Been quite a while since I heard WG.
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  2. SinfoniaSam
    Wow, this will be an awesome addition to the show! Can't wait to hear!
  3. biffstix
    yeah this will be the first time hearing WG.. can't wait
  4. Fivespot
    Thanks we're looking forward to it. Unfortunately it doesn't look like we'll have our new 3 song EP ready in time for 4.11 but shall still be a great time. Some very good bands in this list.
  5. Fivespot
    My band Waxing Gibbous is making great progress and may actually have the CD ready to sell on 4/11 at MGC Music. Hoping to make this our CD release party. Will confirm once we have final details.
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  6. Trickman
    That's very cool news!
  7. Fivespot
    3 song is finished and we'll have the CD's before MGC, so MGC Music will be our CD release party. $5

    We released a single off the record and it's streaming online via SoundCloud. Please give it a listen and help us out by sharing on social media.
  8. Randum
    I was NOT Paying attention to this post prior to the show - and I loved the addition of the music in the vendor hall! I know I mentioned it to Fivespot on Saturday night but I must say this one of the best ideas to improve MGC even more! I hope to see this in future shows!
  9. Fivespot
    Confirmed. Already planning music for this upcoming MGC in April 2016. Can't wait to build upon what we accomplished with the inaugural MGC Music.
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  10. Randum
    Great news! Can't wait for the show!

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