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    Yo guys! Prime here with a small opinion piece on Hyrule Warriors - the new action game from Tecmo Koei based on the Legend of Zelda Franchise in the style of Dynasty Warriors. I'd like to preface this piece by reminding you all that this is simply my opinion, I've only seen trailers and screenshots of the game. I haven't played it, but I have played multiple games in both "The Legend of Zelda" and "Warriors" series enough to get an idea of what this game will be like. I could be totally wrong, the game could end up fan-freakin-tastic and I will eat my hat if it does, but for now, I'm not convinced. Why? Well, click continue reading to find out!

    Okay, so Zelda as a series is a game based on exploration of the environment, meeting other characters, delving into dungeons, finding new items that will help you conquer the bosses of said dungeons. It features a plucky young lad who the general consensus has named "Link" (but you can name him whatever you like - as whatever you name him, he's the "Hero of Legend"). There's an awful lot that defines what a Zelda game is - not all of it is positive, but the conventions have been formed regardless. I mean take Egoraptor's fantastic Sequelitis video to see just a few of the franchises' conventions extrapolated on.

    On the other hand (and not to deride the series because it's still hella fun) the Warriors games (Dynasty/Samurai/Gundam/Pirate/Ken's Rage) are a long line of games that are based on making one, then making another one with minimal (if any) changes to the gameplay and just adding more options/story or characters/weapons in there. It's the very essence of "mindless button masher" with game after game of sequels and spin offs offering pretty much the same exact experience, but just more of it each time. It's distilled mayhem, slaughtering hundreds of enemies on screen at once. Taking enemy bases and conquering each map one after another.

    Hyrule Warriors is the newest in Omega Force's long line of "button masher" marrying together a franchise that's based on atmosphere, methodical combat and puzzle solving with a roster of characters as long as my arm and turning it into a "Warriors" game. Again, I'd like to - for the record - state that I love these kinds of games. My feelings though, is that these two series, of all series that could be crossed over shouldn't be crossed over. Here's a trailer of the new game:

    When you take one of the biggest names in Action RPG history and turn its gameplay into something that it isn't, it no longer is what it was. It's something else. The reason I don't complain about One Piece, Gundam or Fist of the North Star is that the options for which games you get out of those series is very limited (again, if any). There's no Fist of the North Star RPGs where you play as only Kenshiro and are wandering a huge Mad Max/Fallout-esque wasteland, meeting new people and kicking the crap out of village raiders and bad guys. Ken's Rage fills that empty slot with an admittedly overly simplified button mashy title, but fills that gap none the less.

    The Legend of Zelda on the other hand has numerous examples of extraordinary games - a near 30 year lineage of masterpieces with a couple of exceptions. It doesn't need to be a button-mashy mess that will inevitably only be picked up by either die hard Zelda fans that cannot live without it, or Warriors fans that just mindlessly pick up every single entry to the series no matter how little new there is to each subsequent game. One point I heard was that for some the barrier to entry was that they didn't enjoy the other universes the Warriors titles have used. My response to that is that Hyrule Warriors will then indeed fly off the shelves through it's namesake alone. A terrible reason to buy a game. Resident Evil 6 anyone?

    Another point made was that the game isn't MEANT to be a Legend of Zelda title, it's simply an action based take on a beloved franchise - I, personally, still think that this isn't a good enough reason to make the game at all. Why waste time and resources on a game that doesn't reflect the true quality and merit of previous entries in the series. Again I'm not trying to deride or belittle the Warriors games here, I like them. But turning Zelda into a button masher is like turning something like Diablo into a first person sports game. It just doesn't need to exist.

    Well, to wrap up this opinion, I'm not convinced. I like both franchises but Like spreading chocolate on cheese, it's hard to get someone on board. You never know though, I could be totally and utterly wrong, find out the game is a blast and that the story elements and gameplay of Zelda can be overridden easily with some mindless fun with friends... You DO realise that I have to buy the game now to find out if I was right. Right?

    Chocolate and Cheese go together REALLY well by the way.

    So what do you think? Is this collaboration worthy of your time and money, or do you see it as a cheap cash-in to try and rake in a few extra bucks in place of low Wii U sales by easily building a game on a tried and tested long-standing engine?

    Let me know in the comments below and in the official thread on the VGEvo forums!

    The original opinion piece and more can be found at stupidlyepic.com
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by Prime, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. Trickman
    Here is the latest Nintendo Direct featuring Hyrule Warriors:

  2. saskbob
    It does seem like a weird collaboration to me. I don't think Zelda has that many fighting type protagonists to really mine to justify it but if it moves units it was a good business decision. I think it would be cooler if it they could get all the Nintendo roster like Mario, Star Fox etc.

    I do hope it's good though and I'd rather see off the wall idea's tried than not.
  3. DocNonsensical
    Unless I start reading excellent reviews and hearing some widespread positive buzz, I was planning on ignoring this title altogether. As you mentioned, it isn't meant to be a Legend of Zelda franchise entry, so with my thinking, what's the point?

    It reminds me of all the kart-racing games other franchises have spun off into. Mario Kart and Diddy Kong Racing aside, I don't meddle with those either.

    That said, if Nintendo were to contact Harmonix about making a Zelda inspired Darunia-centric dance game, I might bite.
  4. Trickman
    Some mashups like this tend to be pretty good, so I'm not going to discount it before giving it a shot. I hope there's a demo somewhere I can try.
  5. Prime
    Yeah, I'm not convinced that this is the right kind of game for Link and the rest of the series' cast to be in, but I'm also not going to completely ignore it either. If there's a demo I'll definitely try it. Like I said, I may be completely wrong - if it ends up working I'll shut my trap. :)
  6. Moofers
    So who's going in this week? Prime, I expect you're getting it so you can follow up with a review?

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