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Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Trickman, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. Trickman

    Trickman Co-Founder of this glorious place Staff Member

    Hey everyone, we have a new staff member that will be acting as a "community evangelist" around here.

    His username on VGEvo is Moofers and his name is Andrew Broas. You may have heard him on The Moofcast podcast, which has been around for many years.

    Basically this means he is going to be promoting VGEvo and other properties of our parent company, Retroids (when all of that is sorted out) through threads, articles, and social media channels including Facebook and Twitter. Plankfan and he will be collaborating and working together over social media channels to further represent VGEvo and help our community grow.

    We appreciate all that Plankfan (John) has been doing over the years and we're also excited to see what Andrew has in store for us. He's already been tweeting over our VGEvo twitter acct. and has an article on our front page with his experiences from PAX Prime.

    Please join me in welcoming Andrew to our staff and the community!
  2. Moofers

    Moofers Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for the introduction, Terry! I'll be settling in here and making this network my internet home. Looking forward to getting to know everyone!
  3. outerlimit

    outerlimit Lurker

    Welcome! You can pick up all the slack Plankfan left laying around. He doesn't use twitter that much.
  4. Prime

    Prime Desires Bionic Arm

    Welcome bud, hope you have a pleasant stay :)
  5. Plankfan

    Plankfan This isn't Twitter

    Funniest thing I've heard all day, and I watched a Carlin standup special earlier. Bravo. ;P
  6. Anim8td_fan

    Anim8td_fan Ambassador of Awesomeness Staff Member

    Welcome to the community Moofers. :)
  7. Boric

    Boric The Netherfiend Staff Member

    Thanks Plankfan, and congrats Moofers!
  8. saskbob

    saskbob Gold Member

    Welcome welcome.

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  9. Shino

    Shino Mr. InDis?

    Sup! Welcome!

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