Primal Rage II Prototype - Unearthed and Playable at GGA

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    Back in the mid-1990s fighting games ruled the arcades. Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat were already in their next generation of sequels. Atari Games decided to get into the fighting game scene with Primal Rage—a 2D fighting game with a unique back story featuring a meteor crash causing a post-apocalyptic version of Earth called "Urth." The seven-character fighting game featured original monsters (worshipped by the now stone-age dwellers as gods)—Armadon, Blizzard, Sauron, Talon, Vertigo, Diablo and Chaos—fighting each other for dominance of Urth.

    Primal Rage II started development in 1995. It featured a plot twist in which Necrosan—a powerful being hatched from that same meteor crash—imprisons the Primal Rage gods and wreaks havoc upon Urth. The only hope is for the gods to choose human avatars to represent themselves and their powers to take on the minions of Necrosan and free them so they could battle and defaeat Necrosan in the end. The warriors would be Malyssa, avatar of Vertigo; Arik, avatar of Sauron; Keena, avatar of Talon; Shank, avatar of Chaos; Sinjin, avatar of Diablo; Kaze, avatar of Blizzard; and Tor, avatar of Armadon. The game also added one more prehistoric fighter named Smilodon, whose avatar is Slash Fang.

    Primal Rage II only had a test cabinet which briefly showed up at the Golf Land arcade in Sunnyvale, California. The sequel was shelved before public release after Atari Games determined it probably wouldn't generate enough sales. The only public appearance of a Primal Rage II board and cabinet since was at the California Extreme event in 2001 (Source: Wikipedia).

    Now, Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, Illinois has acquired an original prototype board for Primal Rage II. They've put the board in its own arcade cabinet and it is now playable for the general public! This rare board shows its version as 0.36A. Rumor has it that there are only two (2) boards that ever made it that far in production. Check out the screens below for pics of the prototype board.



    GGA owner, Doc Mack also produced this video of the debut of Primal Rage II at the arcade. Check it out below:

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Discussion in 'Articles' started by Trickman, Jun 23, 2014.

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    I remember Primal Rage from back in my childhood. I think the thing I remember most was the ape that pees on the enemy. Hilarious!
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