QotW - Ep 312 - What are your games of the year?!

Discussion in 'Interactive Distractions' started by Shino, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. Shino

    Shino Mr. InDis?

    That's right, time to start this thing.
    We will do this in 2 parts. We will do our top 10 lists for GotY as well as one other category.

    Tell us what your games of the year are. Tell us what games you think would win in specific categories as well if you like... even some non-traditional ones if you feel like making something up.

    Doo eet.

    We are recording this episode on Friday January 10th.
    Next week, we will do our InDis Top 5 games of the year and ask you to give your input on our choices.

    Want your opinion on the show? We sometimes include the forum posts, but we always (ok, almost always), include emails and voicemails that you send it. Find out how to contact us here.
  2. Robb

    Robb Bronze Member

    And done. Really looking forward to the GOTY show(s) this year guys.
  3. Shino

    Shino Mr. InDis?

    Thanks Rob. Should be fun for sure.

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