Rocket League (PS4) Tournament during Extra Life

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    What better way to help kids than to have a Rocket League tournament during Extra life! That’s right, A Band of Gamers and Gamer Chatter are teaming up for a Rocket League 2v2 tournament where the winners will take all the bragging rights! I will post the rules below and how to sign up. Let’s have a good time and kick some balls! Extra life is November 7th! This will take place on that day.

    Each team will consist of two members we will do a bracket style tournament double elimination! Yep that’s right you have to lose two games in order to be out! This will give us some mileage in case your team has a bad game.

    I will post who will play who the week before and you will have to get your game in within a 15 minute window when we start November 7th 11 a.m. EST time. Email me if you won or lost, after that I will post on the forums the next set of matches after everyone emails me.

    You will have to keep an eye on the forums to know who you will be playing next and I will email before I post on the forum so you know the post is live. It will be under Gamer Chatter Gaming Nights in the VGEvo Forums here.

    You will need to add everyone who is playing in order to invite them into your game. Blue team will always invite orange team to their match. You will play a standard 2v2 private match. I will tell you what color team you will be on so that there is no confusion.

    You do not have to be participating in Extra Life in order to sign up for this event. We welcome all gamers of all skill levels! Also please feel free to stream your matches on your Twitch or Youtube accounts!

    How to sign up? Well you came to the right place.

    • The tournament will start 11 a.m. EST November 7th
    • Post your team name here along with your usernames on PS4
    • Send me your email, team name, and usernames to ( ***Team Captain only!!!***
    • All team entries must be in by Oct 31st
    • The tournament will be 2v2 double elimination bracket style
    • If a team does not show up for their match they will automatically forfeit that match
    • If both teams do not show then a random winner will be chosen by coin flip
    • You have 15 minutes to get your game in from the start time. I will post the start time in every forum post and email for each bracket match.
    • Most of all have fun and let’s heal some kids!!!
    • If you have any questions at all please email me and Yeahbeer on PSN

    This is a tournament forged together by two awesome shows/websites, A Band of Gamers and Gamer Chatter. We are playing for our own respective charities and please feel free to go to either of our sites to learn how you can donate to help heal sick children.
  2. Fivespot

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    Team Name: Bullymongers
    Players (PSN handles): Fivespot & Musikfool81
    Team Captain: Fivespot

    I'll also shoot over an email as well as requested.

    Here is a link to our Extra Life team. Now accepting new team members and donations.
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  3. Yeahbeer

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    Team Name: Here for the Beer
    Players: Yeahbeer and Nameless306
    Team Captain Yeahbeer

    Also here is a link to our Extra Life team, you can donate and also join us if you wish! Click here
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  4. Strathem

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    Team Name: Sons of Pitches
    Players: Strathem & Skippynixx
    Team Captain: Strathem

    Looking forward to this!
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  5. Yeahbeer

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    We have another Sign up:

    Team name: Bear Force One
    Players: Azoth_of-Flame and Cherry Scary
    Team Captain: Azoth_of-Flame
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  6. BeanHead

    BeanHead Bronze Member

    Team Name: Team Nugent
    Players: Beanhead26, stevenbishop93
    Team Catain: Beanhead26

    Famous last words: I hope you like scoring, because we excell in lame goal keeping!!!
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  7. Lardteamaker

    Lardteamaker Podcast Network Member

    Team Name: Team Untennable
    Players: LardTeamaker, Kurtisf95
    Team Captain: LardTeamaker

    Famous last words: Oh bugger we let that one by us!
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  8. Yeahbeer

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    Team Name: bomb diggity
    Players: Mercenry09 and Ganjgurru
    Team Captain: Mercenary09
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  9. Fivespot

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    Thank you to everyone for playing! Had a very good time and it was a nice way to kick off Extra Life. And a big thank you to Ed (Yeahbeer) for doing all the work. Ran smoothly and there were no hiccups.

    Considering the quick video game cycle I'm not sure Rocket League will be in everyone's mind come next Extra Life in 2016, but I'd love it if we could do this again next year.
  10. Yeahbeer

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    I am so game for this next year! Thanks Joel! Had a ton of fun!
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