Rumorville: Microsoft 2014 Plans Leaked?

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    A NEOgaf forum user claims to have in inside scoop on what is to come for the Xbox One in 2014 and even a little beyond that. The user, "ntkrnl," has outlined several release windows for many announced games, and teases the announcement of more undisclosed titles.


    Two big points of the post were about the system itself. One claimed that there would be a limited edition Titanfall bundle, and the other said the White Xbox One would hit stores this fall. He went on to say that there would be a new sku for the Xbox One this year, a $399 sku with no optical disc drive.

    Other notes stated that there would be a Halo 2 Anniversary edition for the Xbox One, running at 1080p, that Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, and a yet-to-be-announced Forza Horizon sequel would be hitting shelves this fall, and Fable Legends will be coming next summer.

    You can see the full list of "leaks" here. We are treating this strictly as a rumor right now, but we will update this post if any new information is released.
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by AlFighter27, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Randum
    Forza Horizons!!!
  2. LudicrousDa3ve
    That's pretty interesting... a no optical disc drive SKU is kinda weird, but that might just be me. A lot of people might dig a Halo 2 Anniversary Edition, it certainly was a big deal.

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