Street Fighter V - PS4 and PC Exclusive

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    Street Fighter V was confirmed to be exclusive to PlayStation 4 and PC by Capcom's Yoshinori Ono at PlayStation Experience. The game will feature cross-platform play, and according to Sony's Adam Boyes, "PS4 will be the only console this game ever appears on." - Source: IGN

    The gameplay trailer is below. What do you think about it and the sans Xbox One announcement?

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Discussion in 'Articles' started by Trickman, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. Anim8td_fan
    This looks pretty good based on this footage. I'm glad that I've picked up a PS4 to play this on as the business decision for this to not be released on Xbox One is extremely surprising to me. Also, I'm wondering about which version the FGC is going to be using for tournaments but my best guess is going to be the PC version.

    Here's a breakdown of the SF5 trailer from Maxamillion:
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  2. Prime
    I've said this before but I'm always for new exclusives for my console of choice. In this case though, I'm not really happy about the situation. There's probably a lot of background factors here we're unaware of as consumers, but limiting a worldwide gaming phenomena like Street Fighter to a single console is extremely detrimental to the player base. Its one thing to hold exclusivity for Guilty Gear but for Street Fighter? It's a bit nuts.

    I get that the XBOX One isn't doing too hot in Japan, but it's still doing really well outside of there. For a company who for the past generation outsourced to many western devs to build a foothold outside of Japan, this is very backwards thinking of them. They need to understand that even if the XBone is tanking in Japan, it doesn't mean it's failing miserably everywhere else too. Myself and RayG were discussing this and we get the feeling that they're probably going to be making more money from officially licensed fight sticks than for actual sales of the game franchise itself.

    It's definitely a coup that Sony managed to snag SFV for their console though, so hats off to them for managing that in a world where third party devs are generally considered multiplatform only nowadays. Again, probably a lot of background stuff we have no idea about though.

  3. saskbob
    It's quite obviously a business decision by Capcom, get some money now rather than bank on getting more later from Xbone sales.

    I think it is one though that is not in favor of the consumer so that is a negative. If was solely a PS4 owner I would be annoyed that Sony is spending money to deny games to force others to their platform rather than spending money on new or first party IP to entice people to their platform.

    It's like Sony and MSoft have switched playbooks this gen. Sony caught up and sold more consoles (slightly) last gen because of tons of first party awesome. Yes they had no incredible sales blockbusters, but things add up.

    All their protectionism does now is make for less choice.
  4. Boric
    It kills me how many kids comment on the video "omg like SFV stole breaking walls from Dead or Alive".

    For crying out loud, I think even Street Fighter 2 Turbo let you break into the extra room in E Honda's bath house. Not to mention plenty of other 2D fighters doing the same back then.

    But I have to say, I'm getting hyped. I'll probably end up getting this on PC, and I love that it will have cross platform play!
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  5. Randum
    So weird its only coming to the ps4 and PC, but I am excited for a new SF, I think SF4 has had a fantastic run. I may actually try out the PC version this time around.
  6. saskbob
    To me street fighter is a couch versus game. I love my pc just can't ever bring myself to buy a sports or fighting game on it. Great choice though if a person wanted to make an arcade cabinet.

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