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Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by saskbob, Jan 14, 2015.

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    This was Goffey's Ultimate Mac and Cheese that I cooked up last week.
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    It's the recipe I posted

    EDIT: oops Sask already mentioned that
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    Puerco Pibil, it's a slow-roasted pork dish that involves marinating the meat in strongly acidic citrus juice, coloring it with annatto seed, and roasting the meat while it is wrapped in banana leaf. My version sans the banana leafs, but at least I was able to hunt down the annatto seeds at an Asian supermarket of all places.


    Courtesy of Roberto Rodriguez's recipe:

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  5. saskbob

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    That looks like something I can get behind. I might have difficulty as well with annatto seeds.
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    I like my recipes nice and simple so I use my slow cooker a lot. Throw a bunch of stuff in there on low, pass out, and wake up to a meal ready to go! On Super Bowl I had a few people over and we had Chuck Pot Roast with diced up potatoes and baby carrots. I had a packet of slow cooker pot roast seasoning I mixed with water I dumped on top of the roast, and sprinkled in a little more pepper and onion salt for good measure. Eight hours later I poked it with a knife and it lusciously crumpled apart ever so tender in the slow cooker! Best way to make pot roast!

    A couple days ago I decided to try and get a little creative and threw a bunch of random ingredients in the slow cooker like a box of brown rice, kielbasa, a packet of smokies, diced up potatoes and carrots, a cup of water and a packet of Hawaiian slow cooker sauce. Had it going on low for four hours. I got enough food in that to last me a week! I just throw that concoction on bread and make awesome sandwiches out of it!

    Slow cookers are the best!
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  8. ChryZ

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    Oyakodonburi, onion slices and chicken bits braised in sweetened bonito stock, topped with runny eggs, served on rice in a bowl. Really one of my favorite go-to dishes when cooking weekdays. It's usually prep'd and done when the rice is done, less than 30 minutes.



    1 half chicken breast
    2 eggs
    3 medium sized onion
    150ml dashi (~2/3 CUP, 1 TBSP instant dashi for 150ml water in my case)
    1 TBSP mirin
    1 TBSP sugar
    3 TBSP soy sauce
    1 TBSP cress (substitute for mitsuba)
    1 CUP cooked japanese short grain rice


    First step is to chop the oninos, two into fine slices and one into rough slices, save the rough slices for later and make a nest of the fine slices in a small pan, medium heat, the oninos should roast very slowly.

    While the onions are browning, it's time to cube up the chicken, then place the cubed chicken onto the nest of sliced onions in the heated pan. This is important, because the weight of the chicken meat will push down the onions, while increasing the contact surface between onions and pan resulting in even more caramalization.

    In the meantime prep the eggs and the broth. Just crack the eggs and mix whites and yolks. In a separate vessel mix dashi, sugar, mirin and soy sauce for the broth.

    Add the broth and roughly sliced onions to the pan, the broth must cover the chicken, DO NOT STIR.

    Let simmer until the broth reduced by at least a half, DO NOT STIR.

    There should be still liquid when adding the egg mix, DO NOT STIR (poking is okay).

    Let the egg mix set unitl the desired doneness kicks in, DO NOT STIR (poking is okay).
    (I'm paranoid about salmonella, so it's "well done" for me)

    When the oyako is almost done, then it's time to prep the donburi, just make a bed of steaming hot rice in a bowl (size of the pan if possible).

    Slide the content of the pan onto the rice, in one piece if possible, top with cress and enjoy.


    Fun fact: the name of the dish is bit morbid: oya=parent (chicken), ko=child (egg) and donburi=bowl, literally "bowl of parent and child".
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  9. saskbob

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    Looks very very enticing. Need to make this. Perhaps friday is the day.

    Completely agree that slow cookers are pretty awesome. They are in reality a dutch oven you can plug in anywhere. so not necessarily a new invention but are quite convenient, especially for potlucks.

    I do generally take certain steps though before cooking in one and you probably do as well. I usually seer my meat a little in a bit of oil in the bottom of the pan, then brown and lightly caramelize and onion, garlic ginger, then add whatever else.

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