Twin Galaxies Returns with New Owner

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    Twin Galaxies—longstanding keepers of video game world records, which went missing near the end of last year, has now returned with a new owner. Jace Hall of The Jace Hall Show and HD Films is now the Head Custodian and Caretaker of the organization.

    An announcement of the new ownership came over Facebook and pointed to a lengthy explanation letter on the Twin Galaxies website from Jace Hall himself. In the letter, Hall recognizes Twin Galaxies' rich history and the people involved (including founder, Walter Day) and addresses past controversies, but wants to focus on moving forward. Being the sole economic investor, Hall hopes to bring back the historical scoreboard and heal a broken and diverse community of classic gamers.

    From Jace Hall on the Twin Galaxies website:
    Mr. Hall is correct. This will take time. The immediate plan is to revive and restore an all-inclusive scoreboard—one without the fees implemented by the previous owners.

    The original owner and founder of Twin Galaxies, Walter Day wrote a letter about a new era for the organization:


    You can see the full announcement and thoughts by Jace Hall on the Twin Galaxies website.
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by Trickman, Mar 28, 2014.

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