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    Hello, VGEvo members and guests. Welcome to the VGEvo Archive -- a repository of video game articles, forums, podcasts and information from the VGEvo website. VGEvo started out as a gathering place for like-minded people whose hobby was video games. This was a place that offered respectful opinions on gaming without the trolling and nonsense that usually took place on other websites. VGEvo offered forums, a shoutbox, podcast network, and later on a spot for console game high scores and streaming videos (streaming videos have since been disabled).

    As time went on, newer and more popular general gathering spots such as Facebook and Twitter took over the gaming conversations, and meeting places such as VGEvo started getting less and less traffic. After years of conversations, game nights, live meetups, etc. the VGEvo forums are seldom visited. We completely understand that life goes on, but we want to keep the doors open at to any member or guest that wishes to visit, look up older information, and even partake in any new conversations—as the shoutbox and forums remain open.

    We made lifelong friends from VGEvo, and we'll cherish the memories of the good times we've had here. Thank you all for your conversations, contributions and friendships. We couldn't have done it without you.
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by Trickman, Jul 23, 2019.

  1. Gruel
    Had a lot of good memories at VGevo with the podcast network hosting our forums for many years! Especially loved seeing and engaging with listener feedback for episodes and hosting open question threads. Favorite forum memory is starting up the first games completed of the year thread and seeing other continue that tradition for several more years! Many thanks to Ken, Terry and all who made VGevo possible and hung out there over the years!! Glad to see the archives will remain!
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  2. Ken
    Minor update to this: if the site ever seems offline, it could be me resetting things on the backend. Feel free to email me if it's offline for any significant length of time: or
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  3. Boric
    VGEvo was my last internet "home". The best online community I've ever been a part of. Facebook, twitter and the like have never been so intimate and friendly. I'm forever grateful to you guys for creating the site and maintaining it for so long. And for all the contributors, whether it be the podcast network, or the regulars who we could chat with in the forums or shoutbox for hours. Thanks all!

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