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    Hey all!

    I recently put together an interview on an indie novelist turned video game developer. His name is Kyle Muntz. He's been honing his craft in the literary world and decided to cross over. Most of the article is about his writing, where he takes his inspiration from, and so on. Midway is where it focuses more on the game development, things he's had to think about, and essentially why the foray into gaming to tell a story.

    If you're curious, feel free to read Write to Explore: a Conversation with Kyle Muntz. That said, I was thinking about Marshall McLuhan, media studies, and the idea that new technology alters our world in so many ways, including how we think, interact, and communicate with each other on a psychological level as well as a physical level. At any rate, do any of you write or have artistic hobbies outside of gaming? Do you think the existence of video games has altered how you approach this hobby?

    The reason I ask, is that with the written word, at least, there are theories floating around that inventions such as cinema, for instance, aided in lessening the amount of time spent describing scenes, locales, so on. People were forever changed, and so writing moved from Bram Stoker to William Gibson, from Victor Hugo-sized paragraphs to flash fiction snippets to read during a quick Metra commute.

    At any rate, that's my brief geek out. Have at it.

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