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Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Trickman, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. Trickman

    Trickman Co-Founder of this glorious place Staff Member

    Any new members to the site, please post here so we can get to know you better as a community. We're an open and friendly gaming community that loves chatting about games, playing games online with our members, live streaming our gaming sessions, discussing podcasts in our Retroids Podcast Network and score chasing in the name of friendly competition. We hope you enjoy it around here. Tell your friends!

    Thanks and enjoy!
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  2. Ms.Gaming

    Ms.Gaming Bronze Member

    hi. thanks for the giveaway. so happy right now.
  3. silrayne

    silrayne Sister in Gaming

    Not a new new member (more of an old new member), but I should definitely post here and say hey! Love the new site, and I hope to get back in the swing of things!

    I am gaming as always (currently playing Secret of Mana co-op with my husband, as he has never played it before, amongst the 5 different games I'm in the middle of playing).

    Since the Sisters in Gaming podcast days, I've taken up a new craft - crochet - so I can make even more geeky, video game-related goodies!
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  4. DocNonsensical

    DocNonsensical Emir of Shmo

    I probably should hop on this thread. I'm a newbie here.

    I was forwarded this site by a coworker a month or so ago, and I really enjoy the jive of it. I've been gaming since I was a wee one, plopping down in front of the tube to overthrow non-human monarchs, save universes, and clear haunted houses. Business as usual for the gaming world. :)

    In my free time, I write and serve as managing editor of an online (for now) literary journal - Literary Orphans. I also enjoy craft beer, and I'm looking into brewing myself a bit. IMDB killed my other trade of being a walking cinema encyclopedia.

    Lookin' forward with chatting with you all.

    Felt the need to add some sort of intense comic book onomatopoeia there.

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  5. Boric

    Boric The Netherfiend Staff Member

    Welcome back Silrayne, and welcome to DocNonsensical :)
    Hope you'll both be posting regularly. Let us know if you have any questions!
  6. Alan Burney

    Alan Burney Bronze Member

    Hey guys.

    A quick hello from me. My friend Prime from DowntoforitX recommended this site.

    Just so everyone knows me a bit better; I'm 24 and I'm currently at Uni in Stirling. At the moment I'm trying to complete a few personal challenges from a few if my favourite older games.

    Current games I'm playing are Super Aleste (Trying to complete it on Wild mode with no continues), the Donkey Kong Country Series (My favourite series; I always play through them at the start of the year. Again, trying to do a 100%+ run with no continues) and the ever elusive 3 man run on Gain Ground with my friend Kyle.

    I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone. All the best; if you have any questions or anything you want to talk about then feel free to contact me :)
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  7. Trickman

    Trickman Co-Founder of this glorious place Staff Member

    Hello Alan, welcome to Retroids! We hope you like it here and enjoy your time checking us out, contributing to our conversations, etc. Super Aleste is an incredible game. Totally reminds me of the Blazing Lasers series on TG16 (I think it was the same dev. team, if I'm not mistaken).

    Hope to see you around often. Take care!
  8. Boric

    Boric The Netherfiend Staff Member

    Welcome Alan! Good to have you here and looking forward to seeing you around!

    I haven't played the DKC games since SNES. Are you excited about the release of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze next month?
  9. DoctorCid

    DoctorCid Bronze Member

    Hello. I found this site by searching for "video game retro streaming sites". It's good to know there are still a good amount of retro fans out there. Happy to be a member here. I stream almost on a daily basis too. Hopefully I'll get to meet a lot of you eventually.
  10. Boric

    Boric The Netherfiend Staff Member

    Welcome DoctorCid! Looking forward to seeing some more people stream, it's always fun to pop in for a bit and watch. Also, if you're in the midwest area (or don't mind the trip), definitely look into the Midwest Gaming Classic coming up next month in Wisconsin! It's an awesome weekend of gaming and many members of Retroids make it out there
  11. DoctorCid

    DoctorCid Bronze Member

    Ah man. I would go to an event like that if I could, but I am living in Florida, ha. But thanks for the reply, and thanks for the invitation to the event. Meeting fellow gamers is definitely a desire of mine at any given chance.
  12. Shino

    Shino Mr. InDis?

    Welcome Doc!
  13. Trickman

    Trickman Co-Founder of this glorious place Staff Member

    Welcome to Retroids, DoctorCid! We hope you enjoy it here. I saw you set up a stream request, and I approved the account. We look forward to seeing some live-streaming from you. Take care!
  14. DoctorCid

    DoctorCid Bronze Member

    Thanks for the welcomes, guys. And, thank you for approving my stream request. I look forward to seeing you there at some point in time. Thank you.
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  15. Shawne Vinson

    Shawne Vinson Lurker

    Hello I'm Shawne Vinson, The Great Nintendo Gamer, I'm 31 years old, and I'm from Sacramento, California.
  16. Trickman

    Trickman Co-Founder of this glorious place Staff Member

    Welcome Shawne. Thanks for joining Retroids! We hope you enjoy your stay here and come back often.
  17. HeavyJr

    HeavyJr Lurker

    Hey everybody!
  18. Todd Friedman

    Todd Friedman Lurker

    Welcome everyone.
    Todd is here. Good to be back
  19. Trickman

    Trickman Co-Founder of this glorious place Staff Member

    Hey Todd!! Glad to have you back here!! Stick around for a while, bud. We miss ya! :D
  20. Shawne Vinson

    Shawne Vinson Lurker

    Same to you. Good is I came here.

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